PDX Meet and Greet

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  • 08/18/15 07:00PM
  • Lake Oswego, OR
  • Free

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The last BP Portland Event was well received and had over 20 people sharing their knowledge and experience!


Jay Hinrichs
Brad France
Owner, NW Rehab Homes

Topics: Portland's current market conditions | How to find off market properties | How to quickly analyze properties | Buying turn key properties out of state | Briefly discuss out of state investing for cash flow

To be followed up with a Q&A forum.

With Jay's combined 30 years of experience in Real Estate investing, expect to come out of this event fired up and ready to take on the second evolution of Portland's fast pace market. This is a chance to make new business connections and learn about new industry regulations.

Pizza and beverages will be provided

Location: 5000 Meadows Rd, Suite 150 | Lake Oswego | OR | 97035
3rd floor conference room

When: August 18th, 7:00-9:00 pm 

I'm in . . . it'll be nice to see everyone from the last meet and greet again, as well as any new attendees.

Thanks Jay and Brad. I look forward to it.

Great topics to discuss! 

I will see everyone there! 

Any need to RSVP?

IF possible an RSVP would be great, that way we can know how much food to prepare for. 

Yes, I will be there to listen and soak in all the knowledge!  Thanks for putting this together guys!!

@Brad France

  make another announcement there is a change in Venue it will be held at the Soldera real estate offices. right next to Trader Joes in Lake Oswego .... the offices are above the Oregon builders association offices and Neil Kelly designs... Plenty of parking as well.

Brad will have the exact address but same time same topics we will also discuss the new wave of Crowd funding that is just now coming to Portland and will be a game changer for those looking for equity and debt for their deals...

@Brad France - I would love to attend the Lake Oswego meet-up on Aug. 18.

I Look forward to meeting other BPrs!

As an FYI I created an update to this in another event forum. However Just to be sure that everyone knows the NEW location I am adding it to this posts here: 

Location: Soldera Properties

15573 Bangy Rd #300, Lake Oswego, OR 97035

From Portland/Downtown/North East. Take I-5 south to Tigard. Take Exit 292 to Lake Oswego. Take a left at the light, then make a right on Bangy Rd.

The building is right next to Trader Joe's, and the offices are above the Oregon builders association offices and Neil Kelly designs.

Sounds great - I'll be there!

Will try to make it my first meet up!

RE specific crowd funding is of interest to me.

I'll be there.

  @Bill S.

  yes the crowd funding is exciting.. one of the reasons you have not scene crowd fund sites into Oregon is because as we know you must be NMLS licensed in this state to do a loan on a 1 to 4 unit... regardless if its owner occ or not...

We will be discussing the first Portal that has gotten licensed in Oregon and can now do these loans.. and they are VERY competitive in how they perform vis a vi the local HML ers.

And it gives those in Oregon that are accredited the chance to participate in these deals and make nice returns as well..

This sounds interesting, I would love to come and meet everyone.


I plan on attending as well. I'm closing in on the finish of my first major rehab sale deal and would to share experiences and get feedback from other BP-ers. 

I'll be there. Hearing @Jay Hinrichs talk about out of state rentals always makes me happy for staying local. 

@Brad France let us know how much City of Portland bills you for the use of that pic :)

Looking forward to attending my first BP Meet and Greet. Thanks to @Randy Johnston for the invite!

Both Jay and myself are extremely excited by the massive response we have with the Bigger Pockets group!  We look forward to meeting/seeing everyone there.  

Hi all! We are excited at the opportunity to meet each BP member/guest that has decided to learn about the vast opportunities in local Real Estate investing, and discuss the new wave of Crowd funding that is just now coming to Portland which will be a game changer for those looking for equity and debt for their deals.

We are providing food and beverages and would like a head count. Please RSVP if you are planning on attending. 

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