Cleveland Meet-up Scheduled Thursday October 27th!

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  • 10/27/16 06:00PM
  • Brew Garden 18950 Bagley Rd. Middleburg Heights, OH 44130
  • Free

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Attention Cleveland Area Real Estate Investors!

Just sending out a reminder of the next Cleveland Meet-up.

See you at the Brew Garden 18950 Bagley Rd. Middleburg Heights, OH 44130

All investor levels welcome.


Ronald Szmik


(440) 638-9181

I will be there. We had over twenty investors join us last month and I have already heard from a handful of investors through our posting that will be joining us.

Planning on attending. Quick suggestion- the long tables side by side really limit one's ability to talk to anyone except those who directly next to or across from you. Would it be possible, instead, to set up the tables in the middle of the room so that they are in a square, so that we could potentially talk to more people? 

@Patsy Waldron absolutely, we can set the tables as we please. It is funny that you mention that, because it is a running joke that a group of adults has trouble effectively arranging tables...

I'll be there (sang in my best Jackson 5 voice)...

You know I'm in.

I can't believe another month has flown by already. Looking forward to the REI conversations.


I am new and would love to attend, but tomorrow won't work for me. I will definitely be at the next one however. Looking forward to meeting people from the area! 

we will be in the side party room this evening, to the right when you enter the Brew Garden.

I'm actually able to make it tonight. It'll be nice to finally meet people who invest in the area. See you guys there!

@Austin Freeman We normally meet the last Thursday of the month, but that is Thanksgiving and December is always tricky for people.

We will be having one end of year Meet Up on 12/1 @ 6pm. There will be an official posting for the meet up shortly.

We will resume meetings on the last Thursday of the month in January.

I keep having to miss these! I'll be out of town next week again, but I'll be there in January if things go my way. Looking forward to see how everything is going for everyone!

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