Sin City REIA Monthly Meeting

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  • 11/17/16 06:30PM
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Hello All,

Please come join us for great discussions on the reality of investing. This will be a meeting like no other. No sales pitch, not trying to get business from you. Just talking about the good, the bad, and the ugly real estate investment. Don't miss out as our venue for now will only hold 60 people willing

This meeting we will have a case study on a recent transaction, talk about understanding a settlement statement, and where to start as a new investor.

Please go here to get more information or call or text me. Make it a great day! 

Updated over 2 years ago

This is for our Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson poeple. to sure I marked it correctly.

Just a reminder that the meetup is this Thursday. Standing room only. Come and start your holidays right! I think I posted in the wrong area so just to make sure it is This is for our Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson peeps. And anyone that is in town. 

Hope you have a great turn out. I have a lot on my plate at the moment but if I can get free I will stop by. Are you doing these once a month?

Best of luck, hope you have a great turn out either way!

@Robert Adams Yes we are doing this monthly. We had about 30 for our first one and looks like we'll have a couple more this time. 

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