Workshop : Putting Capital / SDIRA to work : Flips + Development

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  • 11/09/16 06:00PM
  • Bellevue, WA
  • Free

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Hey friends & BP members! Joinmyself, @Ryland Taniguchi and my partner, @Dima Suslikov for our weekly workshop on subjects of Flipping & Land Development / New Construction.

We do NOT pitch products or services during our workshop - the objective is to share knowledge.

While we try to tackle different subjects on different weeks - we keep it to Questions / Answers format. So, bring your questions!

This week, we will also try group food delivery! This is a bit of an experiment - so, apologies ahead of time if this won't work out. Please, follow the link below to this events' page.

Some of the topics that we'd be happy to cover - as ideas :

  • Using your self-directed IRA to flip.
  • Using your self-directed IRA to develop land.
  • Building curb appeal.
  • Designing your flip.
  • Estimating your rehab.
  • Budgeting your rehab.
  • Project management using Basecamp and
  • Contract documents including scope of work, material specifications, invitation to bid, and change orders.
  • Questions on Permits.
  • How to work with designers & specialty contractors.
  • How to negotiate with contractors and subcontractors.
  • And anything else anybody wants to chat on!

To join our MeetUp group :

For more information on this event :

See you guys there!

Tatiana Gershanovich
Sound Housing + Medina Bay Capital

Will be in Canada :(

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