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  • 06/23/17 06:30PM
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Hello BP members:

The previous post got deleted because it wasn't posted in the right forum but I think this is the correct one so we can start planning our next meet up for those member who live close to Ahwatukee, Tempe and Chandler or anyone who wants to meet up on this side of city for that matter.

We met up the last time at a starbucks and the energy from everyone was strong once we started talking about real estate and everyone's goals. Its interesting to point out how people become highly interested and excited once they started talking about the topic they have a passion of, myself included. 

For the next meet up (I don't have a set date yet, I did put June 23rd because the system required me to choose a date but it's subject to change) we are probably meeting at a Club House at Andante apartment complex in Ahwatukee (48th and Chanlder blvd) I am in the process of asking for a specific date so they can have the place ready for us. However, if anyone else can get us a bigger place so we can meet that would be awesome (could be a house, an office, etc.

I wanted to ask those of you who attended the 1st meet up and those of you who are interested in showing up to respond to this post and submit your best preference to meet up.

We have two options to meet: during a weekday or to meet during the weekend

if it is a weekday is has to be at 6:30pm so everyone can make it

If it is a weekend it could be during Saturday or Sunday and the time can be at 5:00pm so everyone can also make other plans thereafter with the family or friends, etc.

Let me know what you guys think 



Just moved to Chandler. I'm very interested in attending. I'll accept the event, do you have an email listserv?


@Carlos Gonzalez and everyone here, I'm very close to securing a location where we can meet during the week (at 6:30 p.m. so everyone can make it). It's located near Ray and the 101, and it's an office.  Please let me know if that works for you. 

Yes, lets do this @Grant Greene

Lets make it for Friday at 6:30pm, hopefully everyone can make it. Let's choose the third Friday of every month for it. I think that would work out that way we keep it consistent!

Let me check to see which day(s) of the week are available at this office. Thx. 

Hey guys,

Was curious if there was any more info on a meet up. I have to work during the one on the 15th so I was hoping to catch this one after I get out of school. 

Daniel Leon


I'd like to attend a meet up in the future.  Looks like next meeting will be held on 6/23/17...I'll be on a family vacation in FL for that one.  I'm following this thread and look forward to meeting up with you guys soon.

-Felipe Munoz

What is the exact date location time 

Hey Guys, 

I'm relatively new to investing, but would also like to attend.


I will be at Dbacks game on the 23rd (free tickets, so it's hard to pass that up), but I'm definitely interested in going to meetings in the future.

Hello! I would love to start getting involved with meeting events. I am an oldie to the game but a newbie to being on my own. So please keep me updated on the event and location as this is all new to me :) Thanks!

Hey @Carlos Gonzalez , sorry for the delayed response.  I didn't notice you had posted this.  Friday, June 23 at 6:30PM works for me! 

Hey all. Newbie here. Would love to meet up sometime around the east valley. Always have mornings available. If anything is set for the pm. I'm sure I could figure it out. Keep me posted.

Hello I would love to attend these meet ups! Is there a way to get notified when and where they will all be happening? Thanks!

@Carlos Gonzalez I read through the thread and I didn't see a location.  I have an office building on the boarder of Mesa and Gilbert, Arizona that would work great for a meet up.  It is available Friday, June 23, at 6:30PM if you would like to have it there.  

Here is the address:

3048 E. Baseline Rd. Ste. 107

Mesa, AZ 85204

It has a group room that can sit up to 40 people and it has 2 large white boards and is wired up to connect a computer to a large screen TV through an HDMI cable.  

Let me know if you would like to have it there.

Hey everybody, @Carlos Gonzalez , Account Closed,  I have reached out to Carlos to find out if he had secured a place for this meet up for Friday night at 6:30PM but I have not heard back from Carlos. 

I don't mean to hijack this meet up, but I rearrange my schedule to be able to attend. And I would hate to reschedule on clients and then not have this meet up.  So I am offering to hold this meet up at my office in Mesa, Arizona. 

 The address is: 3048 East Baseline Rd. Suite 107, Mesa, AZ 85204.

 I can share some of the things that are working for us in the Arizona market and I am happy for other people to share what's working for them also. 

 If Carlos or Grant have found a different location that they would like to have the meet up and then we will go ahead and meet there. Otherwise, my office would be a great place for this meet up. 

 Feel free to invite other investors that you know in the area. I will get sandwiches from Jimmy John's to make it a little more enjoyable. I figured we could spend the majority of the time networking. 

@Shiloh Lundahl I love it. 

I'm a tentative yes. Friday evenings I typically do dinner with my girlfriend and her family but I think her and I will both be attending.

I'll send you a text to confirm. 

Thanks for doing this!

Please see the meet up above.

I just got confirmation from @Carlos Gonzalez that my office will work out great for the meet up.  Send this out to other investors you know in the valley.

@Shiloh Lundahl  thanks for the invite but I will be up in Pinetop away from this ridiculous heat.  PM and we can meet up for coffee for lunch some time.


Also, gangplank in chandler has conference rooms you can use for free.  We've had some investor meet ups hosted there before.

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