Bonfire, Beach, Brandon, and...B...eal Estate Investing!

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  • 10/23/17 06:03PM
  • Pacific Beach, WA
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Western Washingtonians!

This is super last minute, but I wanted to invite whoever can make the drive out to Pacific Beach, Washington for an evening of beachin' it around a bonfire.   

(Pacific Beach is a bit north of Ocean Shores, 30-minutes past Aberdeen, 75 minutes from Olympia, 1.5 hours from Tacoma, 2.5 hours from Seattle, 3.5 hours from Portland). 

What is it? 

We're going to have a bonfire. On the beach. And talk about "Beal" estate investing. (ok ... I just wanted a "b" in the title. We'll talk about Real estate investing.) 

There will be S'mores. 

There will be sand.

There might even be Rosie Lou and Heather too. 

And @Zachary Gwin is going to be joining us to do some random video filming for a project (but don't worry about that. It's nothing big - just video of us talking.) 

So - if you wanna come hang out, ask questions, talk about real estate around a fire, and hang out with some fun people - come on out! 


6pm - dark (9ish?) on Monday night! DRESS WARM!

The beach is called "Iron Springs" and it's about 2 miles south of "Seabrook" Washington (which - is a GREAT place to stay the night, if you want to make a night of it!) 

(These photos were taken a couple years ago there at Iron Springs. My favorite beach around!) 

(I never noticed how burnt that marshmallow is on the stick...)

Looks like a romantic place! Sure wish it wasn't so SOUTH western Washington. But who doesn't want to talk real estate while stuffing their mouths with smores!?!

Bahahahaa. This could be you!!! Love it Brandon, but I live in Aberdeen NC, so I cant make this one. Sound like fun though!

Ugh! I'm still 9-5 and I work in Anacortes. I think you'll be leaving by the time I get there through traffic! Next time!

Really wish I could make it and meet you and all other like minds in the Seattle area.. unfortunately in Tokyo for the rest of the month.. hopefully there are more of these meet ups in the future.

I wish I could - and I'm even in Ocean Shores!  But I have a foster parent training that evening (mandatory, can't be missed) in Aberdeen.

OH COME ON!!!! That’s the ONE night this week that I can’t come! (Cue wailing and sulking) 

I’m really hoping you’ll do another one!

Move it to Tuesday :-D (or Wednesday, or Thursday, or Friday, quite frankly,) and I’ll 100% be there with bells on (what does that phrase even mean?!)!!! 

You know what? THAT'S A GREAT IDEA!! I was going to say "no", but then you threw the s'mores in there, so yeah, count us in for two adults, and two small s'mores beasts (3 and 5)! 

I'm in. If anybody in the Tacoma area wants to Carpool with me then send me a message. Probably leave Tac Town about 330. 

Well my Monday night was going to be spent analyzing deals and probably listening to a podcast, but why not go straight to the source! You can count me in!

hey guys! Looking forward to this. FYI - sunset is at 6:15 so I’m gonna get out there a bit earlier - like 5:00 to set up and do some Drone flying :)

For those who can make it - AWESOME!

Those who can’t - raincheck!?

Also - hit up my cell if you have problems - 360-464-3160 :) 

Count three of us in!! 

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