Grand Rapids REI Happy Hour

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  • 12/23/17 06:00PM - 08:00PM America/Los_Angeles
  • 1418 Plainfield NE Grand Rapids, Michigan 49505
  • Free

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Hello again Grand Rapids investors!

It's Christmas time and I'm excited to be making another trip back to Michigan to visit my extended family (and to check out some real estate!)

If you too are interested in West Michigan investment properties, come on down to the Reservoir Lounge at 1418 Plainfield Ave NE between 4 - 6pm this Saturday (12/23). 

Grab a beer, a soda, some fries and come ready to learn. There are so many investment opportunities right here West Michigan, and in Grand Rapids in particular. Let's open doors for each other and find some new project to work on!

@Derek Drushel - Welcome to GR! I'd love to hear how you've been enjoying it so far.

@Charles Kao  - Would love to chat about the bay area and hear your thoughts on local wholesales 

@Cal Hemmeke - Hope you're able to make it in from my old hometown!

@Mark Krier - Come on out to your old stomping grounds?

@James Marshall - Look forward to checking out your new place!

@Nick Watkins - Please lend us your investing experience!

@JS Berkenkamp - I'm curious to hear about how the Baxter rehab went for you

@Meghan McCallum- I imagine you'll be in Chicagoland but you know you're always welcome!

Thanks Peter. I love Rez and would love to hang out, but unfortunately I'll be in Chicago this holiday season. I'm looking forward to connecting next time you're in!

I will not be in town, but will be back mid-January. Have a great new year!

I also host a real estate investor happy hour each month (not this one) on the 4th Monday of the month at Harmony Hall in Grand Rapids--about 25-35 investors attend each month.  The next one is January 22 at 5:00.  Never too much networking!

@Peter VanWesep I have a facebook closed group if you'd like to join and anybody else that can see this for real estate investors in the Grand Rapids area.  The main difference between this one and other closed groups is that it gets screened for clickbait and shady behavior, which makes all the different.  Join it  by searching Metro Grand Rapids Real Estate Investors

Hey Peter, great idea. I'll try stopping by this afternoon. 👍

Hey guys! New to Bigger Pockets but I am going to try to swing by tonight and say hello!

Hey everyone, just got to Grand Rapids. My fiancee has pretty much lived here her whole life. I'm looking to get connected with others in the area. When is the next get together? I hope everyone had a great holiday season. 

Welcome to GR, @Isaiah Burnside ! I spend most of my time out in California, but will be back home to Michigan in another couple of months. Sounds like @Clay Powell has a good monthly happy hour to check out. I'll be sure to let you know the next time I'm one as well.

@Charles Kao -- Thanks for the tip! Just signed up.

@Jarred Copeman -- Welcome to BP! Look forward to meeting up next time I'm in town. 

@Isaiah Burnside - Welcome to GR! 

@Peter VanWesep - Sorry I missed this one, was out of town. Looking forward to the next one. 

@Charles Kao - Hey Charles, I just requested membership to your Facebook group. I'm glad someone finally set one of these up. I've been meaning to for awhile. 

Thank you @Peter VanWesep , and @Mark Krier for the warm welcoming. Peter, hopefully, we can get the chance to meet up at some point in time. I'm sure Oakland is experiencing more enjoyable weather than we are at the moment. I will reach out to Mark and @Clay Powell to see what's going on around here as far as group gatherings.  

Anyone interested in the most active real estate investment meet ups, meetings, etc. can get in touch with me via email within BP.

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