Columbia, SC Meet Up

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  • 01/09/18 01:00PM - 02:00PM America/New_York
  • Inn at USC meeting room. Parking is off of Pickens St, 1619 Pendleton Street Columbia, South Carolina 29201
  • Free

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Columbia, SC meet up.  Start the new year off by networking with other real estate investors.  We will make this a monthly midday meeting.  All investors, realtors, landlords, and real estate professionals welcome.  This first event will have a loose agenda and allow us all to get to know each other.  

Feel free to reach out if you have questions. 

I will be there. This will be my first Bigger Pockets Meet up so I'm very excited to meet everyone. I've been a fan of BP and their podcasts before I became a Realtor here in Columbia, what a great opportunity!

Well darn I just noticed this was scheduled for 1:00 pm :( I glossed over that and assumed it was a time zone glitch and it was actually in the evening. Would be great to have meet ups in evening so folks with other day jobs can make it. This would have been impossible for me.

Im not active in the SC market so i wont be attending, I just saw this post in the forums and thought id share. We had our first Central Oregon meetup this month and it went great. One unique thing we did is create a sign-in sheet that we've been using to network with eachother since the meetup. I have personally had multiple people reach out to me using our sign-in sheet.

The general concept is that anyone can choose to sign in with their name, profession, and email address. Then sometime after the meeting a volunteer can transcribe the sign-in sheet to an excel spreadsheet and send the list out to everyone who signed in. This way, everyone at the meetup doesn't have to exchange business cards if they dont want.

I hope this is helpful, goodluck at your meetup tomorrow!

This post has been removed.

Hey guys we are looking at the last week of March to meet.  Sorry for the gap but scheduling has been difficult.  

Pencil in 26th or 27th.  We will nail that down this week. 

In case you did not see the next meet up is scheduled for this week. Info at the link below.

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