Wednesday Coffee with Investors

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  • 04/25/18 08:30AM - 08:30AM America/Chicago
  • City & State Coffee, 2625 Broad Ave Memphis, Tennessee 38112
  • Free

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Every Wednesday morning from 7:30 am - 8:30 am

City and State Coffee: 2625 Broad Ave, Memphis, TN 38112

From beginner to veteran please come and talk Real Estate with us.

Real estate is about creating relationships! Networking with other investors can take your business to the next level! Are you just starting out? Need a mentor, partner or someone to bounce ideas off of? Looking for private or hard money? Contractors? Deals? Buyers? Nothing sold or presented. Just networking with other like-minded entrepreneurs. The best place to network early mornings in Memphis, TN.

Updated about 3 years ago

Although this is scheduled for 4/25/18 we do in fact meet up every single Wednesday morning so come any and every Wednesday.

About a year ago today @Elizabeth Wilson 's husband and I met up at this coffee show with my partner James Wachob to talk real estate we have been meeting here every Wedesday since and invited other investors in town to attend. 

This week we had a HUGE turnout we almost took over the whole coffee shop. I would love to meet more people at this event every Wednesday and have the coffee shop either kick us out or expand their building to fulfill our demand.

But it is also to have a few people these sometimes so I can get to know everyone there. Rain or shine I am there almost every Wednesday and someone from my team will be there usually as well. 

Great meet up today! We covered Airbnb, new construction as rentals, how to find deals, gutters/roofs by Chris Harkins and how to rent comps!