Newburgh NY Hudson Valley AM investors Meetup.

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  • 03/30/18 08:00AM - 09:00AM America/Adak
  • Blacc Vanilla caffe, 197 south Street Newburgh , New York 12550
  • Free

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Spring is here and everywhere I turn folks are talking about Newburgh.  If your looking to buy a home, your an experienced investor or a newbie trying to meet like minded entrepreneurs we welcome you.  We also welcome bankers, brokers, managing agents, flippers, contractors or anyone with a deal. 

This will be our 4th meeting at Blacc Vanilla.  Please support this free space by purchasing a drink and/or pastry.  

Another 4 story brick row house in Newburgh NY. I’m partial to row houses over brownstones what do you think?

@Frank Gucciardo that’s great. Look forward to meeting you in person.

3/30 8 am Blacc Vanilla 197 South Street Newburgh NY 12550

If only it was on a Sat or Sun 🤧

Last meeting was great I will definitely do my best to be there again this month.....thanks @John Hickey

Last meeting was great I will definitely do my best to be there again this month.....thanks @John Hickey

@Angel-Ty L. I’ve heard that before, and your request has been answered. @Sarah Hooff started up a great weekend meetup. And a Newburgh Brooklyn meetup too!

Can't wait! Looking forward to meeting everyone, and will share details on my single family renovation projects in Newburgh.

@Robert Grunnah excellent you will be our guest of honor.

For those new to Newburgh Robert is an experienced flipper who has flipped three single family houses in Newburgh. All selling for more than $200,000

Looking forward to attending and meeting others in the city with similar goals - I haven't been able to make the other events. We are currently under contract on a triplex on Montgomery St. and looking to do a few deals a year moving forward. We live in and love Newburgh. 

Newburgh won!

Really looking froward to the meetup next week!

Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union is sponsoring coffee and food platters.

This is a no Pitch event.

They are on hand for meet and greet and will answer any questions asked.

Another great meet up! Met some really wonderful people today.

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