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  • 04/16/18 07:00PM - 08:30PM America/New_York
  • Old Soul Brewing, 10970 S Cleveland Ave Suite 402 Fort Myers, Florida 33907
  • Free

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Hey all!! @Brit Foshee and I are putting together a FREE meet-up here in Fort Myers! Old Soul Brewing will be hosting for us at 7pm Monday 4/16!

Informal event, just networking, hanging out and beer! No real agenda other then talking real estate and connecting with locals.

Send me a message on here if you have any questions etc and post below if you plan to attend!

I should be able to make it.  

I'm going to try to be there.

Looking forward to meeting everyone! Thanks for putting this together


Thanks for doing this.  I will try to stop by.

Hi Jordan. I'm a BP newbie living in St Louis and looking to start real estate investing in SW FL (once I finish the two BP books that is!). If you formulate a regular Ft Myers Meet-Up I would love to join you and would work my travel around a future meeting. Many thanks for the consideration. 

I will be there! Thanks for putting this together.

cheers.  Will Be there. See you everyone. 

The bar is closed on Mondays. Back up plan?

Wow! I appreciate everyone showing up last night! 20+ of us showing up was much more then I could have expected! I hope everyone enjoyed it! Looking forward to the next one May 14th at 7pm at Old Soul Brewing! The plan is to have it on the second Monday of each month.

I look forward to networking and growing together!


Thanks for starting this meet up. I bet we look back on this in 5 years and the impact of these meetings will be awesome.

Hey Y'all!! Man time flies! The next meet-up is already here! Its this coming Monday 5/14 @ 7pm would love to see you all there!

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