Columbia, SC Meet Up

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  • 10/09/18 12:00PM - 01:00PM America/New_York
  • Parking off of Pickens Street. , 1619 Pendleton St Columbia, South Carolina 29201
  • Free

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Have questions about Student rentals?  How do they charge so much rent? Parental Cosign? Rent by the Room?  All questions that our guest speaker @Will Gaston will help answer at our next meet up.  The Sultan of Student housing, Captain of Campus living, and Ruler of Rent increases (said in my best Vince McMahon voice) here for 1 day only to share his insights on Student rentals.   

Tuesday the 9th at noon at the Inn at USC. I'm ordering pizza!!

Bring your own lunch if you want. Please let me know if you can come so i can make sure we can get enough participation.

Don't forget your deals, questions and business cards for some solid networking in Columbia.

Inn at USC Wyndham Garden

1619 Pendleton St, Columbia, SC 29201

Parking lot entrance is off of Pickens St. Parking is free in the flat lot for meeting attendees.

Aww, bummer! My sister will be visiting, but flying out that day so I can't make it. Hope to be at the next one!

Originally posted by @Andrew R. Lucas :

Reminder:  Meet up is tomorrow at Noon.  12 Noon.  Its at Noon.  Did you catch that?  Its tomorrow at Noon.  

No excuse to miss this awesome meeting.  I'm excited to here from @Will Gaston

 Andrew, you are literally the only person to have ever uttered that phrase! Looking forward to it.