Cleveland / LA Meet Up

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  • 05/21/19 06:30PM - 09:00PM America/Los_Angeles
  • 603 N. La Cienega Blvd West Hollywood, California 90069
  • Free

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Los Angeles investors who invest in Cleveland are meeting for happy hour to talk real estate.  Join us if you want to mingle with other new and experienced investors.  This is just an informal hang out.  No presentations will be given.

EP & LP Rooftop Bar 

603 N. La Cienega West Hollywood, CA 90069

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Hi everyone, i'm very new to REI and have been exploring the Cleveland market. Excited to meet everyone!

Originally posted by @Gladys Garcia :

Hi everyone, i'm very new to REI and have been exploring the Cleveland market. Excited to meet everyone!

 Welcome to the site Gladys.......Since you're looking into Cleveland I highly recommend you give The Ultimate Guide to Grading Cleveland Neighborhoods a read........Tons of good info in there for you. Cleveland is awesome but still filled with a lot of blight so it's best you know what you're getting yourself into in each of the various neighborhoods.

Thanks for organizing! I'm very interested in meeting others who have rentals in Cleveland as we're considering purchasing some properties to buy and hold out there. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

I'll try to make it out there. i live in So Cal and have a couple CLE rentals and I'm looking to expand.  

Hi, has anyone done any flips in Cincinnati area?

I don’t invest in Cleveland (yet?) but would like to join

I'm going to Cleveland for a tech conference between May 1 - 9. Any recommendation on what neighborhoods I should go check it out?
I don't have any REI experience and I'm a software engineer in trade, so I tend to assume everything will turn into worst case scenario and get trap into analysis paralysis.

Hey ! @Wilson Choi  depends on your goals and price points. happy to chat more about it if you want! Excited to hear how your trip goes.

Sammy Lyon yeah I should have mentioned my goals and price points, but the reality is that I don't really know. I just start learning about REI by soaking myself in BP podcast/forum for the past few months, so I probably have little to no knowledge.
So here is my ignorant and laughable goals and price points:

  • goals: both appreciation and cash flow, with multiple exit strategies incase thing goes south. just kidding, I will be glad to learn something usefully and not lose money on this market.
  • price points: ~150K with conventional loan, hopefully to find something from non war zone.

TBH, I'm just trying to learn about REI as much as I can, so when the market turns I would be little bit more prepare.

Hey folks! Looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones at the meetup on May 21. Who knew so many LA investors would love Cleveland so much! :)

@Scott Asselin great to connect see you at the meetup

@Sammy Lyon it was great to meet you - I will see you at this Meetup 

- Scott

Hi all,

I have 8 apartment complexes and in contract for 2 more in Lake County. Reach out to me if you want more info about the areas I invest.  I really like Lake County and NE Euclid.  I am approaching 200 units!!


Thank you Sammy!! If I can do this, anyone can.  The most combined family w2 earned income we ever made was $80,000 in one year.  No joke!!!


I remembered this meeting from a few weeks ago and decided to come here to be reminded the time and date.... And I see 36+ people going. 

Wow. Excited to see everyone and invest in the Ohio market!

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