Real Estate Investment Talks

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  • 05/04/19 10:00AM - 01:00PM America/New_York
  • 1011 Bryant Street Rahway, New Jersey 07065
  • Free

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Meet ups are great, as we all know, but there are times when you can attend one and then realize that the information being provided is not the information you were looking for. 

Brandon Turner from the Bigger Pockets Podcasts is constantly telling listeners to join a meet up and if you cannot find one, create one. I took his advice and about a year ago, I created my own. @John Spina jr@Ryan Saulle and I have decided to ask anyone that attends this meet up to post a question they want answered during their time with us. We want to make sure we provide value to all attendees. So if you are interested in this meet up, please post a question or a subject so we can be sure to add it to our agenda. Thank you in advance.

What is the meaning of life?  Lol just messing around.  That is a good a good idea.  One topic I can think of is, sharing the things people did to get thier first deal or if they have more then one deal?  What to look for in a deal or helping people figure out who to hook up with to get thier first deal. 

This is a great idea and thanks for getting me on the post John! Looking forward to the May 4th Meetup. Been a while since I've attended and look forward to being involved again.

Some topics I would be interested in are:

- Steps on how to set up a deal once a viable investment property is found. (i.e. Do you make an offer first and then find investment money? Understanding that good deals sell quickly, if you have to find investment money first, how does one successfully raise the capital in that short time period?)

- Structuring a deal using private investment money as a down payment on the loan.

- Hard money experiences... May be intimidating for a first time investor, so would be cool to understand what (if any) leverage you have when structuring the interest and "points" with a hard money lender. 

Hope this gives us some food for thought. Thanks for setting this up Ronnie and thanks for hosting Ryan!

Hi Ronny

Thanks for arranging meetup. My first meetup to attend.. I was listening to abundance podcast on BP # 326 David Osborn, Pat Hiban and Tim Rhode do you think that would be good idea to try ? 

Hi @Ronny Tiburcio

It was about finding a true partner who always gives another a realty check and keep you on your promise.

Say this week you decided to call 5 lenders and understand there process but u just had word with 4 so the other person or partner reminds you about your commitment to improve you kind of ***** talking and giving you realty check to make sure you walk the talk ..

Apply this to any piece of commitment when you share what you wont with other psychology is your chances of doing it increases by 50 % and you know someone is looking after your move it increases by 80%..

Kind of elaborate but essentially finding partner who encourages you to be on correct track...