Gainesville FL Investor meet up

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  • 11/20/19 05:45PM - 07:30PM America/New_York
  • Florida Legal Title, 4045 Nw 43rd St suite B Gainesville, Florida 32606
  • Free

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@John Fifer John, we're planning on a laid back meeting this Wednesday the 18th. Not sure where yet. We have a more formal meeting planned for January 15th at FL Legal Title.
By tomorrow evening I'll post where our meeting is for this week after I check around first to see who can make it and where some convenient places to meet might be. I'll include you on the post.

@John Fifer sounds good John,-see you then! Also, one of the ladies up there gave me the heads up that we made hold it elsewhere besides FL Legal Title,-so I'll confirm the address on a new event notice once it's all set and confirmed.

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