NEW Short-Term and Vacation Rental Forum!

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By popular demand, BiggerPockets has just launched the new Short-Term and Vacation Rental Forum!

Now, as a member of a college fraternity, and and having played with many traveling rugby clubs over the years, I've been a firsthand witness to what the wrong tenants can do to a nice vacation rental home.  I think I might personally be out on the whole vacation rental business for life.. but I digress.

This is the go-to place for any questions, concerns, or discussions about vacation or short-term rental properties and the unique challenges and strategies that accompany this niche of real estate investing.  We've seen interest in this type of investing grow over the years and are excited to offer this new forum for your discussion.

I'm excited to see what's discussed in this new forum!

Special thanks to @Karen Margrave for helping us to create and build this brand-new forum.

Oh, and by the way, if you know of any previously created forum threads that should be moved over to this new forum, please link to them in the comments below.  I'll be sure to move them all over to the new forum!

the "Airbnb hustle" thread, I had many wise and erudite pearls of wisdom to share with the greater BP community and it would be a tragedy to let that thread wither to irrelevancy under the relentless passage of time.

@Scott Trench  Thank you! I think this will end up being a very popular forum. Vacation Rentals and Short Term Rentals are a growing niche, with the advent of all the rental sites, etc. I'll take some time over the next few days and begin moving some of the threads over if you'd like. 

For everyone else, PLEASE, show your support by 

  • following this forum, 
  • setting your keyword alerts for Vacation Rental, Short Term Rental, etc., 
  • posting regularly with your questions and helpful answers to others posts.
  •  Please TAG anyone you know that is interested in Vacation or Short Term Rentals. 

Awesome! Thanks, Karen. Count me in for participation. I've got two successful vacation rental condos in Waikiki. It's alway interesting to hear about VRs in other parts of the US.

I've been hunkered down lately working on a new business venture. The business doesn't have anything to do with real estate. :  )    However, it's because OF my real estate investments that I've had time to pursue this idea.

Ain't real estate great!?

This is awesome love it ready .

Happy to see this

@Brandon Turner  I know you were doing stuff on Vacation Rentals not long ago, so wanted to be sure you know about this forum too. 

Thanks @Karen Margrave , @Scott Trench and all others who were involved in creating this forum! Here in Austin I've got one VR/STR and will be launching a second one mid-summer, so I'm keenly interested in others' perspective on this exciting area of REI.

@Gary Ennis  Be sure to ask your questions! As a vacation rental owner already, you will and other established owners will bring some great perspective to help answer the questions for those considering this niche, so please start posting on topics you find relevant.  

I know I would LOVE to be able to keep one of our new builds in coastal Orange County as a Vacation Rental, and hence my enthusiasm at getting @Scott Trench on board along with @Joshua Dorkin of course, to get this new forum going. Now, let's get educated!

Fantastic forum......I own a VR/STR and recently gave thought to buying more. Looking forward to hearing what others think of this niche. I also have a little wisdom on the subject I would love to share. I will definitely be following this topic.

This is an awesome new category that is getting a lot of publicity recently.  Hopefully I can find something nearby that I can also use personally!

@Karen Margrave and @Scott Trench thanks for setting this VR forum up!  I know this will be a popular forum as it seems that more and more investors are giving VRs a look.

Thank you so much @Karen Margrave  and @Scott Trench for getting this going. I am currently researching insurance options for my STVR here in Dunedin Florida and will let you know what I have found- what an interesting chore.....

@Waverly Rennie

 You might want to start a thread on this forum about Vacation Rental Insurance, and get others input too, as well as updating what you find out! Good luck. 

Looking forward to learning from you all....

Thank you guys so much for this new forum! I am in the heart of VR central and hadn't even thought about it as an investment strategy until @Karen Margrave started the conversation thread. I am so happy you guys got this forum going and I'm looking forward to learning from those of you who are doing it. I swear I always learn something on BP each time I come here. Thank you for the informal education. 

@Dan Oliver  I hope you'll not just follow, but contribute to the content of this forum, adding posts and answering questions. 

My thoughts are that this will be extremely helpful for newbies like myself and all others considering entering a new avenue of real estate. I am looking at properties in the So Cal mountains for such an opportunity or even a live in flip since I love the mountains. I work in Banning CA. at the base of some great mountain towns like Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, etc.. and would be willing to commute since my job is somewhat flexible. BP is an incredible wealth of information.

@Randy Brockett  You're definitely in a great area for Vacation Rentals. Big Bear is one of the most searched areas for vacation renters from what I've read. 

Welcome to BP!

is this forum for someone who owns a vacation club plan?  I've had one for 10 years and only used it twice. Would like input for renting it out. It's a point system club and the company does not list units for rent. It's located near Key West. 

Thanks for any assistance 


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