What you feel Re: the guest fees that vrbo is adding?

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We are having travelers complain a lot about them. I think that vrbo makes enough money. They get over $1600 a year from our two vacation rental properties. The company make 359 million in 2014!! The new fee is around 8-10% for guests !! It is going to slow down our business coming in . Wait and see, I've seen this before with vacation rental websites. I let me people know about the questionable practices on another site that I found. VRBO is now offering guaranteed help with damage to the property, but I would still rather have more business!  That's a lot of money they will be taking in! We are encouraging owners to complain to vrbo about these new fees, and also tell guests that are unappy to do the same. I think if we band together, we can make a difference.  

@Doraine Warner we own a Kihei Kai Nani condo (and closing on a Pacific Shores condo) and list it on VRBO.  So far, we have had some complaints about the new service fee, but every guest that did complain has booked their stay.  According to VRBO, the service fee is 4% - 9% and looks like it will average out to be about 6% (that's about what it has been for our guests), which is lower than the other major listing services (AirBnB = 6% - 12%).  

So far, I haven't seen a down turn in inquiries or the booking % of inquiries and we make sure to mention the new service fee when we send quotes to any inquiries.  It also hasn't slowed down any of the "Book It Now" bookings we usually receive.

I was worried (and pissed off!) when the service fee was rolled out as VRBO did a poor job of communicating w/ owners and an even worse job explaining the fees (and the reasons why) to guests.  However, after seeing no loss in performance, I'm sticking w/ VRBO for now (and will list our new PS condo w/ VRBO) and going to see how things settle out.  

I don't think the comparison to AirBNB fees is a fair one. AirBNB does not charge me a listing fee. It's like paying to go see a movie at a theater and then having to sit through commercials, they are making money on both ends.

I've not heard any complaints from guests yet, but March was the first month where more of my rentals came from AirBNB than from VRBO, so maybe they are voting with their dollars and going elsewhere.