Paying HOA a “fee” in order to continue AirBnB?

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HOA is doubling down on outlawing AirBnBs, however they are considering either a monthly fee or fine of sorts in order to allow people to continue doing AirBnB while also raising funds for the HOA. Has anyone ever heard of this? How much would this typically charge? One board member is concerned that doing this would change our HOA from being non-profit to a for profit business and would require us to become ADA compliant (historic building that does not have elevators), pay extra in taxes, higher liability, etc. Does this sound like a legitimate fear?

@Lance Peterson as for HOAs I dealt with one in my Airbnb in Boston. Ultimately, as HOAs look to regulate, this concern will come up more and more. 

Having said that - HOAs are already trying to be profitable! It's their job to maintain a surplus, so the HOA can pay for maintaining the building, upgrading as needed, etc. My HOA considered this but we never made a decision before I left. However, I would consider 5-10% of profits to be reasonable. I think the ADA concern is excessive and this person sounds like they don't know what they're talking about - someone call me out here if I'm way off base!

Of course - you need to make sure you look out for the best interests of the HOA - keeping a safe and secure place for other neighbors in the building.

There's no reason this would need to change your HOA's non-profit status. Plenty of non-profits can charge fees, issue fines, charge dues, etc. all pretty normal while still maintaining the non-profit status.