Brian Page Course - education

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You can probably learn newer, current and more relevant things on this forum.  It's free, but it might take a few days.

@Angela Alen-Martine

Have you checked out Airbnb Automated on youtube? I found out this channel though here on BP when asking about another Airbnb course. Tons of information and value for free. Also some great topics here but you do have to search which takes time.

It sounds like you have more time than money right? If so then you could spend time here on BP and going through the forum to learn. If you have less time and looking to get more structure content than a course might be a good idea just make sure the course is something you see great value and personally like the person. No matter what you decide nothing matters if you don't take action to get you closer to your goal.

I'm with Erwin. Check out the Airbnb page to get a lot of information quickly and then hop on the forums to refine your knowledge four people doing it currently in correctly. There's a lot of free information available.