What is the most food you've had left behind?

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WOW!      Nice haul there, Paul!     We had about $60 worth of fresh sealed deli meats and cheeses in our fridge in one of our units last summer.  Dated the day before checkout and still sealed with the stickers.  Only thing in the fridge...which makes me think they bought it for the drive home (About 6 hours) and forgot to check the fridge on the way out.  

THAT was a good lunch-while-cleaning!

I'm cheating because this is a long-term rental. I literally filled a pickup bed and the cab with all the food he left behind, donated to a food pantry. He had about 30 guns and 50+ ammo cases full of ammunition that are currently listed with Gunrunner Auctions to raise money for the family.

I kept the booze. Six large boxes full of whiskey, bourban, vodka, tequila, Scotch, etc. Some of the larger bottles are $75 each. I also filled two coolers with the mini bottles (easily 100+).

A chest freezer (theirs) full of fish. Unfortunately one of my contractors unplugged it to move it... it was August and by the time I realized what he had done I had a real stinky, slimy mess on my hands... However, I salvaged the freezer and it is in my garage to this day!

We had one this summer that we hauled eight 18' foot dump trailers of trash out of - this included an entire Kitchen full of rotten food - the owner had moved out 2 hours prior, not sure how anyone lived there.