STRs in Los Angeles and Palm Springs

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Hi BP,

I wanted to reach out to see if anyone knew if it's possible (and legal) currently to offer STRs in Los Angeles and Palm Springs? Would be good to hear from current STR investors an those areas as well. I live in LA and was thinking of investing in STRs here and/or or the Palm Springs area. Thanks a lot!



There are lots of smart STR investors on this forum from that area (I'm not one of them), but consider calling the city directly concerning the regs. No matter what folks say on here, you'd be wise to check the latest with the city. I'd call instead of email. Things change pretty frequently!

@Gulliver R.

Do your zoning research and decide your strategy. LA has some hoops to jump through if you want to offer an STR. There are multiple ways to register, if you are looking to invest in more than one I would recommend registering as a "transient occupancy structure" or "bed and breakfast". That will also require you to apply for a CUP (conditional use permit), which may take longer than you want it to.

Google is your friend.  If the City/County you are inquiring about doesn't information easily findable online, just give the City a call and they will point you in the right direction.  Best to get info from the horses mouth.