Long Distance Airbnb VS Traditional Rental

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Hey BP community,

I'm closing on a triplex in a few days in Dayton, OH (3 miles from downtown Dayton).

Not a big city but not a small city either. Two of the units are rented already. I'm considering Airbnb for the last unit (1-bedroom) rather than a typical rental. Traditional rent would go for $650 but I estimate I'll pull in about $1,200 (gross) from Airbnb.

I'm moving to California in a few months so I'll have to set up systems before I leave (cleaning, check-in, check-out, etc). I'm big on just trying things and seeing how it works but to try Airbnb, I'll have to furnish the apartment for at least $2,500.

If it does not work out, I'll have wasted that money.

Hoping to lean on the knowledge of the BP community. What is your experience with long-distance Airbnb? Is my Airbnb revenue reasonable?

Any advice and welcome and appreciated!



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1200 Gross - all the utilities, furnishing the unit suitable for a STR etc. So now your only talking about an extra $200 a month until the furnishing are paid for. Doesn't see worth it.

A good STR should get closer to 4x the traditional LTR rent.