Investors in Alabama

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Is there any investors in Alabama? 

There are a few! A great friend of mine introduced me to real estate and he actually lives in Auburn as well. I'm in Birmingham trying to get into real estate myself.

Hey J.T. & Adam, 

My brother and I are new Investors from the BHAM area. We are closing on a property in Hueytown next month. We also went to Auburn, War Eagle. 


I currently have one SFH in Montgomery, and we plan to add another one or two in the next month or two. Taking the real estate exam this Friday, so I wanted to wait to get a little extra discount.

There is a real estate investors group in Auburn, an another one in Montgomery.  Do you need their contact info?

@Sy Mularz  Mention me by name in your reply, or send me a PM.  I don't always monitor all of these forums on which I post comments, it would be too many.

I'm in Tuscaloosa. I currently have properties in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Jasper. There are a good bit of older investors that are not on bigger pockets, yet. I'm working on them lol

I'm in Dothan, Al.

Clint Shelley

I am about 30 minutes from Auburn in the Smiths Station/Phenix City area on the way to Columbus, GA.

Hey JT. I am in Birmingham

I am in Fort Mitchell, AL! I am in the Columbus, GA vicinity. I would love to connect!

Hey, I'm in Selma, looking for deals in Central Alabama.  Small multi family would be awesome.  

Denise Evans I would appreciate getting the contact info on the Montgomery REI group.

Columbus GA here ! Shoot me a PM, let me know how I can help you. 

- Dave 

Montgomery AL here! Past deals include Montgomery, Prattville, Millbrook, Wetumpka, and Pike Road as well! Let me know if I can be of any assistance in the central Alabama area!

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I'm here in Birmingham. Once you start talking to people you'll be surprised how many are real estate investors in some form!

Here! Based in Pensacola but closed on a 42 unit apartment complex in North Mobile Co last month.

I'm in Auburn / Opelika, AL

Greg Parker, agent, investor, builder.  I work at Auburn University and live in Montgomery.  Licensed in Lee and Montgomery County.

What's the word on the Huntsville market? 


@Jay Helms ,

I think the market is strong with positive development and a growing economy, but it is definitely getting a little more competitive.

Hi everyone,

I am  a new investor interested in connecting with other RE investors/agents from Montgomery/Birmingham. My goal is to purchase 2-3 rentals with solid cash flow this year. I am out of state (from CA) and not very familiar with AL market, but heard a lot positive about it. 

@Jay Helms @Zachary C. I am also interested in the Huntsville area, Let me know if you get any deals or hear anything. I would like to just learn about the market for now for future investment. Thanks. 

@Boris Sarana Hey Boris! Good to see a fellow bay area out of state investor!  I live in fremont as well! 

I looked at Birmingham, Huntsville and Montgomery and decided to focus on huntsville as it made more sense to me numbers and growth wise. I purchased a property 3 months back and planning to buy few more in the coming months.

We recently started a bay area out of state investors google group, you should join that as well. PM me and I would give you more info on that.

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