Investors in Alabama

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There are a few! A great friend of mine introduced me to real estate and he actually lives in Auburn as well. I'm in Birmingham trying to get into real estate myself.

I currently have one SFH in Montgomery, and we plan to add another one or two in the next month or two. Taking the real estate exam this Friday, so I wanted to wait to get a little extra discount.

I'm in Tuscaloosa. I currently have properties in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Jasper. There are a good bit of older investors that are not on bigger pockets, yet. I'm working on them lol

Hey, I'm in Selma, looking for deals in Central Alabama.  Small multi family would be awesome.  

Denise Evans I would appreciate getting the contact info on the Montgomery REI group.

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Hi everyone,

I am  a new investor interested in connecting with other RE investors/agents from Montgomery/Birmingham. My goal is to purchase 2-3 rentals with solid cash flow this year. I am out of state (from CA) and not very familiar with AL market, but heard a lot positive about it. 

@Boris Sarana Hey Boris! Good to see a fellow bay area out of state investor!  I live in fremont as well! 

I looked at Birmingham, Huntsville and Montgomery and decided to focus on huntsville as it made more sense to me numbers and growth wise. I purchased a property 3 months back and planning to buy few more in the coming months.

We recently started a bay area out of state investors google group, you should join that as well. PM me and I would give you more info on that.

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