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I like Chicago Title out here in Riverside/San Bernardino. Shoot me a private msg and I'll connect you with my rep.

 Hey Aaron, do you know whether Chicago title works with wholesalers?

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What does it mean to be investor friendly? Lower fee in lieu of more deals? I understand the title insurance fee itself may be set by the state.

It means that I am familiar with the nuances and requirements of investor-type deals that are not present in "traditional" retail deals. The processing and coordination of a double or assignment are not the same as other escrows. High volume discounts are available to everyone, irrelevant of deal type, with me. 

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I have worked with @Shannon Wright on many wholesale deals. Her skills and knowledge about the many obstacles that can arise in investor deals can make or break your closing. I strongly endorse her!

 Thanks Shari!!

Just started new investor looking for investor friendly title company in the the area saw your post on bigger pocket just joined them as well I was wondering if you can send me your rep there thanking you in advance
ps any words of wisdom you can provide in talking with them will mostly be appricated