Best Brokerage to work for in Denver / Boulder Colorado?

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Hey everybody, thanks for your time.

I am about 3 weeks or so out from taking my exam to become licensed as an Associate Broker in Colorado.

I currently live in Westminster, 11 miles north of downtown Denver, and about 13 miles from downtown Boulder Colorado (so somewhat right between the two cities.

I have stopped in to 4 brokerages so far, but honestly am lost as to what the right choice is.

What is your honest opinion on companies you have experience working with and for?

Also, iHomes in Westminster has grabbed my attention... can anybody tell me any more about them? They have hundreds of positive reviews, but I can't seem to find the negative feedback on them. I really just want to have a clear idea of the pros and cons of wherever I hang my license, ideally before I sign anything.

Thank-you so much, and I must say, please feel free to reach out if you care to network in the area!

Hi Trace, Welcome to the world of real estate. Evaluating a Brokerage is all about what you are looking for in Real Estate. If you want it to be a Career, Keller Williams is the best. They have the best training and some of the best culture. They also have profit share which can help increase your income and get a steady stream coming in (and after three years you can leave KW and still get profit share checks. . Did you check out the KW office in Westminster? We are located on 120th and Pecos. If you haven't, let me know and I can introduce you around. 

One other thing is that Keller Williams became the top Real Estate Company in the U.S. in number of agents, number of units and sold volume. 

It is great to work for the best. If you want Real Estate for a career, check you the Millionaire Real Estate Agent regardless of where you decide to hang your license. 

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