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Why Do You Invest in Colorado &/or Colorado Springs?
BiggerPockets! I'm working on building a landing page for Colorado and the city of Colorado Springs. Would anyone be willing to share why you invest in the state and/or the city? What makes your state and city so... View more
Agent advice for first time homebuyers trying to enter market
I have some clients who are first time home-buyers who have done an amazing job to get to a position to qualify, here in Denver, Colorado. Unfortunately, since we started looking last summer, prices have skyrocketed. ... View more
Linear Real Estate Markets in Colorado
Colorado may be a future destination in the upcoming years. Anyone know which cities would be considered "linear" real estate markets and whether the BRRRR method would be a viable option in that location? Also, any... View more
Winter Park or Granby CO for rental income
Does anyone have experience with rental purchases on Granby, CO? I am new to the business and noticed price's are much less in Granby. Given the distance from Winter Park, would you still consider Granby a good rental... View more
Winter Park Colorado: anyone investing there have thoughts?
I am looking into one of the newer townhomes in Winter Park CO as a STR and family vacation spot. I have begun researching some of the costs associated with marketing / advertising a property vs having a management... View more
Colorado Tertiary Markets - Where Do You See Growth?
Colorado Investors - I'm curious what tertiary markets you are seeing growth in? With the rise of teleworking and people moving away from the city, I personally think that investing in smaller tertiary markets that are... View more
Quarter/Half Shares of Condos near Ski Areas - Is It Worth It?
Colorado Investors - does anyone have any experience owning  a Quarter share or Half share of a condo near the ski resorts? Is it worth it? Can you make money off of them via short term rentals when you aren't using it... View more
Rental potential in Gypsum / Eagle County Colorado
Hi BiggerPockets family, I recently joined BP and this is my first post in the forums. I just moved to Vail, CO and am interested in investing in either a single family or duplex as a rental property in the Eagle /... View more
Building vs Buying (Duplex)
I am a real estate agent new to the Denver area. My wife and I live down in Castle Rock and we have been thinking through some different ways that we can jump into real estate investing. The housing market in the... View more
4 Plex in Colorado using VA loan
I am looking to purchase a 4 plex using my VA loan in Colorado. I would like to stay around Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo or at least within an hour of one of the cities. My plan is to buy two a year. I would like... View more
Investors in Durango/Pagosa?
Hi all! Interested in purchasing my first rental property. I have family in Pagosa Springs so I'd love to make it work there, but obviously prices are high. Expanding my search to the entire Four Corners area. I'd love... View more
Building a spec house
I may be purchasing a property that comes with 2 lots zoned R1. Has anyone built a spec house before?  I honestly am not sure where to even begin.
First time flipper in Aurora Colorado
My brother and I are in the infancy stages of real estate investing (research and connecting/networking). And being that he lives in Colorado (Aurora), that’s where we’re looking to start flipping properties. We also... View more
Are rents decreasing in Denver?
Denver Investors - I saw a graph posted yesterday on LinkedIn from a local Denver Realtor that shows rents starting to decline and I'm curious if you are seeing that with your own properties. Also curious if that is... View more
Modular Homes Southern Colorado
Hi everyone,I am closing on a lot in Pueblo that is zoned for a duplex. I am considering having a modular duplex built on the property and would like to know if anyone has recommendations or experience with a modular... View more
Denver, Colorado Investing Adive
Hello all, I am looking to invest in the Denver area. My lease is ending in a few months, so I am looking in to buying a property with the thought of living in it for 1-2 years and then starting to rent it out. I am... View more
Colorado House Hackers - What's the backup plan?
For those that are pushing, or currently doing the house hacking strategy in Colorado, what is the back up plan if your life situation changes and you don't want to, or can't house-hack anymore because you are forced... View more
Interested in learning more about investing in Pueblo, CO
While I have been following real estate investing for a while, I haven't taken the plunge.  With a bit more time on my hands due to this pandemic is letting me revisit it.I'm interested in learning more about Pueblo,... View more
Visiting Denver/Boulder from out of state
Hi everyone, I am an investor from California and I am slowly growing my portfolio of income properties.  I am visiting Denver/Boulder from LA and would like to meet with agents or other investors who are familiar with... View more
Realtor Recommendations in Boulder (area), CO
Hi,I'm a new investor interested in the Boulder, CO area. Looking for realtor recommendations.Exploring both single family and multi-family homes.Thanks,Travis
First timer. Buy or keep renting. Boulder ,CO
I am a potential first time home buyer trying to make the decision if I should buy or keep renting. A little bit about me. web developer in Boulder have been with my company for 2 years. Currently rent a room in a... View more
Colorado RE Agent and Lender Relationships
Colorado Agents, From your perspective, what are the best ways for mortgage loan officers to create a winning relationship/partnership in order to help you and your buyers?  Are there certain qualities and/or business... View more
Real estate agent around Denver/Littleton for out of state buyers
Hello BiggerPockets tribe, My family is looking to dive into real estate and purchase our first single family home.Seeking recommendations for an experienced, fair, and trustworthy real estate agent around Denver /... View more
Denver Lodging Tax - AirBNB
We all know about Denver's Lodging Tax and that it must be collected and paid and that short term rentals have to be licensed in Denver for this purpose.All of the platforms - AirBNB,VRBO, etc - collect this tax on the... View more

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