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My son and I are new to the real estate investing business and eagerly moving towards our first deal.  I would like to know if there is someone in the Orlando/Central Florida area that wouldn't mind helping us through a few deals to help get us started.  My son just obtained his florida RE license and is now a registered agent.  We are looking to work as a team with contractors, investors and property managers to get us going in the business and to grow a long lasting relationship.  I started buying houses back in the 2007-08 time period and was working with an agent up North that took full advantage of me and my wife.  We lost practically all we had.  I am taking another stab at it so I cannot claim to be a "loser" if I just quit.  Please think about helping us out to get going.  I am a single dad, and my son is very ambitious and a go getter.  If you reach out, I will surely reply.

Thanks and prosperity to all.

Posting here on the forum is a start and I am excited to see you get into REI! I would recommend being a little more proactive about find a mentor and start asking around. It would be unlikely for anyone to reply to a post like this saying they will mentor you. GOODLUCK!!!

Thanks for your reply Colin.  We are definitely proactive in getting our plans together.  Its amazing how we went to a 3 day seminar and was presented a $33,000 mentoring program.  LOL I think we can gather enough resources to pass on that deal.  I was in the business many years ago and lost a ton of money not knowing what I was getting into.  To the tune of $375k.  So this time around I want to make sure I am well versed in the business.  Patience is key....

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I recommend on getting started without using non of your own money or credit. With your son having a RE license that will give you more options when you approach houses. PM me lets talk

Congratulations for getting back in! I have done many deals over the years both commercial and SFH. My personal REI strategy is buy and hold. I may not be the best mentor for you but would be more than happy to meet with you and have a RE discussion and see if I can help you. I believe that you have one chance to make a good RE deal, when you buy it. It is difficult to recover when you overpay so the one simple rule to follow is, don't unless it is a sure thing.

Feel free to text me 407-466-5430 or email at [email protected] I will give you more background information then! Again, good luck to you and your son!

@Patrick Jackson

 Welcome to BP and the world of investing.  I work in the central Florida area and help many investors such as yourself to learn the process, work the numbers and help them reach their goals.  If I can be of any assistance to you and your son, please don't hesitate to reach out.  Best of Luck!

Hello Patrick,

Nice to hear that you are making moves in the business. Lots of investors realized losses when the market crashed. You can't keep the good ones down. The drive and determination that pushed us into real estate is the same that engine that pushes us through the ups and downs of the market. Congrats to you for keeping your engine running!

If you have not already heard of them I would recommend checking out our local REIA groups. They are a good place to network with active investors and lots of information available especially at the subgroup meetings.


As for relationships with property managers, if the intent is to have a property manager actively manage your rental properties your son might want to consider hanging his license with my broker. We are one of the larger property management companies in central florida. However, it is a 100% company, so if he wants to learn general real estate it would not be a good fit. 

While I do not consider myself a mentor, I am an agent who works with investors. So if you have some goals in mind I would be happy to provide some guidance. If you don't mind working with an agent I would definitely guide you through a few deals from acquisition to disposition.

@Curtis Yoder you hit it on the head with your comment. I am new to REI as well I have found a few deals but struggle to assess where my PP should be. I Don't have the option of overpaying and want to be strategic with my buys. @Patrick Jackson best of luck in your endeavors from another new REI

I'm happy to talk shop anytime!  Congrats for getting back on the horse, and best of luck.

Wholesaling is likely the best conduit for you to get a foot in the door cheaply, and there are a lot of great posts on BP about wholesaling- and it won't cost ya a dime. ;)

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