Fair Housing Violations

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Recently, my company ran into an issue with a client being discriminative in housing practices. The client we represented decided to make it known (in writing... more than once) who the client did not want to rent to, and each that was named is a protected class of either age or medical condition (really an awful practice). We advised the client we were severing our business ties due to the nature of things. The client has since decided it would be in their best interest to start retaliation against my company. Has anyone ever run into this situation and if so what measures did you take to mitigate the situation?

@Shellie Johnson

You were absolutely right in your actions. Not only would you have had multiple lawsuits against your company for going onward with your client's requests but your company's reputation would have been tarnished.

Situations like this is where documentation is necessary. I hope you have e-mails from your ex-client making these requests. Once you show those e-mails to the judge, your client would have no leg to stand on.

So applaud yourself for taking the high road but make sure you have proof that your client had said these things.

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