Insurance for Lehigh Acres Duplex

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Hello All,

I'm looking for recommendations for insurance companies that will cover a 2006 Lehigh Acres, Florida duplex with an original dimensional shingle roof. I know they've been tightening up their roof requirements and I'm hitting a wall.

Thank you!

Try "We Insure". I got dropped by my previous company due to age of the roof. They are getting a lot more difficult and this trend will probably continue. I need to put on three new roofs next year. OUCH!

@Stetson Miller I dropped American "integrity". Good luck if you have a claim. Not only did I have problems with them, but at least three other property management company owners stated they dropped them as well due to problems with claims. And when I told my FORMER agent I was dropping them, she said "SO, you are taking it out on ME!!" So it was apparent as well that her real concern was HER income. I am moving to 100% self insured and saving a LOT of money. I still carry liability on all properties. 

@John Thedford I have heard that from multiple people in the past, but I've been assured they have fixed all previous issues that were caused by their claims department. Insurance here is getting to be ridiculous either way, always the best option to self insure if possible!

@Stetson Miller my experience is recent. They are typical of most companies. Deny every claim and see who fights for what is truly owed. They sign a contract stating they will do x,y,z,-and then play games. Typical you know what....and my agent was ONLY concerned with HER income and the fact I dropped over 15 policies with her.