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Hello fellow BP's,

I am reaching out to get your opinions on local banking options.  I currently have my accounts with a big bank, mostly because they carry my personal mortgage.  However, as I move forward I really need to develop a relationship with a bank that can offer me more.

Do you have any bank that you strongly support and have had a great relationship with as you have grown your business?

Thank You,


@Mark Graziano Unless you have a few hundred though with a bank, your primary bank relation is not going to affect your mortgage banker relationship. What you should do is build a relationship with a mortgage banker who you can trust and who will work with you in the long run to give you sound advise.

Upen Patel
Mortgage Banker

If you can show that your numbers work and what your strategy is, it should be pretty easy to get past 4 loans and grow a portfolio or to use a portfolio lender at that point

Hi @Mark Graziano

BB&T - Multi-Family properties

Quantum - Portfolio, Flips 

Hope this helps!

That's a great approach @Mark Graziano, relationships are the key. I would say choose a local bank in your area who understands your business plan and will help you succeed. Referrals are always best. I got my referral for Bank of North Georgia from my accountant. The amazing way I got treated when I first walked into the branch and spoke to the lady who was referred to me, as if we had known each other for years. Priceless! 

Great mindset, keep it up. 



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