BP Meetup in Kailua? (with me, Brandon from the Podcast)

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Hey folks - so - my wife, baby, and I are spending the whole month of April in Hawaii (in Kailua!) My two goals: 

1.) Surf (well... learn how. And I know Kailua isn't the best surfing- I'll drive elsewhere)

2.) Talk real estate (and maybe write a book...) 

So I thought I'd put together a meetup at Kailua Beach Park sometime in the next couple weeks. I don't want to make an "official" meetup announcement yet -  but just wanted to see if there were folks in Hawaii, on Oahu or in Honolulu or Kailua or elsewhere, who would wanna get together?  

I was thinking we could make it "pot luck" style and just hang out on the beach some day.  Any suggestions? 

Anyone up for this? If we get enough interest, I'll make the event. 

It'll likely be sometime during the first or second week of April.

Looking forward to connecting! 

Hi Brandon,
Very happy you are coming to my hometown (Kailua) for a whole month! It is a beautiful, wonderful place to be. I would love to meet up with you guys when you get here.
I am a newbie and trying to learn as much as I can about real estate & investing. Been listening to and learning from Bigger Pockets now for almost a year. Just bought my first multi-family property on the North Shore... in escrow.
Me, my wife, and 2 kids (ages 3 & 4)
live in Lanikai, (Kailua) a few houses away from the beach. We have a 2
man kayak, stand up paddle board, and some surf boards, beach chairs, and beach toys for the kids that you guys can borrow anytime you want. There are a couple of places to surf in Kailua when the conditions are right.
* I will be unavailable April 1-4
Flying to Kauai to hike the Napali Coast (Kalalau Trail) but will be available anytime after.
Let me know if you need any suggestions or tips on good hikes, places to eat, realtors to talk to, etc.

@brandonturner I live in Kailua currently, and would absolutely like the opportunity to meet you, and some of the other local members. If you want to surf on the Marine Corps base beach I would be glad to get you in (it is one of the nicer beaches this side of the island). Either way I'll stay tuned, would love to potluck! 

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@Brandon Turner I posted the link to this forum on my OahuREandB Facebook page and will be telling others to post here as well if they are interested. I would definitely love to attend and potluck style is a great idea, you'll get to try food from all over the island without needing to drive there XD!

If you do have it hopefully it's not on the 1st or 2nd of April as I have military duties that weekend and I'll also be gone last week of April but any day other then those days I'll definitely make it! (Cant tell the military you wont show up to work ;P)

Also it seems like everyone already used all the good key words like Honolulu, Hawaii, Oahu, and Aloha, but you know, just in case anyone didn't get the first email or just glanced over it hopefully they will notice the 2nd and 25th haha. ;)

Looking forward to meeting you and your family! Hopefully my 1 1/2 year old makes a new friend :)

Jordan Sunshine

Aloha @Brandon Turner ,

Welcome to the island!

Love to join a meetup (except 4/10-18 I will be out of country). 

Weekend on Kailua Beach maybe a bit hectic (parking and #or beachgoers).  

Bellows Beach Park is easy to accommodate as few or many members.  Please keep us posted!

Aloha @Brandon Turner,

Welcome back to Hawai'i nei. 

My family is from the south-eastern part of O'ahu and I grew up in Waimanalo which is  a few minutes away from Kailua.  Though I live one the other side of the island, I am more the willing to meet up to have a gathering and pot luck. 

There are a few of us who meet up regularly with @Jordan Sunshine  Hence we will let the group know of your coming to Hawai'i.  

Have a safe trip and definitely please keep me posted for the meet up.

Much aloha,

Dannyf aka "Maka"

@Michael Borger   Hey there I need to connect you with my partner who lives there in Kahala I was going to do that last month. please send me your direct e mail .

he has offices on Beritannia street and is the one with the condo at Nauru that we stay at.

@Brandon Turner   enjoy your time on the islands..  and one thing I can recommend is connect with the Maui flight academy.. tell Lawrence Balter I recommended it.. you will not be sorry.

Aloha @Brandon Turner, love the podcasts, books and info. Count me in and I can bring some Indian food from my restaurant right there in Kailua. Ill let Obama know too ;)

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