BP Meetup in Kailua? (with me, Brandon from the Podcast)

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My husband and I would like to join in. We're in Kailua... just let us know the date and time @Brandon Turner


Hi @Brandon Turner from the BoxJelly Coworking space in Honolulu. I apologize for the last minute.

We'd love to host you for a talk story with our coworking community and the public the next time you're in Hawaii. I think our community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and risk takers would really enjoy the message from BiggerPockets. Let me know the next time you or a colleague are in town and we'll put something together. Or maybe, we could even plan it in advance and bring you folks back for a quick visit and set up a few meetups for you to reach local folks.

All the Best,

Chad Kahunahana

@Brandon Turner , I just started on BP and have been listening to all of the podcasts, looks like I missed your visit out to Hawaii (BUMMED :( ).  Any plans on returning? Would love to meet and learn from you!

Aloha @Brandon Turner I have recently started listening to the podcast and see I just missed the opportunity to meet up with you in my home town of kailua. Next time your on oahu I'd love to trade my surfing knowledge for your real estate knowledge. 

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