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Are there any active wholesalers in Ada County Idaho (Boise, Eagle or Meridian)? I live in California and grew up in  Boise so I invest there since the price point to entry is so much better. 

Hi Chris - yes, there sure are.  @Dan Walters is one person to connect with through BP.  He knows the wholesaling market well if you are looking to be added to some buyer lists.   

Hey Chris,

I am active in Ada County, and do wholesaling! I'd be happy to help.

David Sutherland

@Joanna Weber and @Dan Walters thanks for the help! I'll be in touch.

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Hi @Luke Caldwell

Welcome to BiggerPockets. I know you will benefit greatly from the tools and the help and the support you will find as a member. My name is Rubelyn. I am on the support team. Just thought I would drop you a line to say that I wish you much success with wholesaling. 

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Hey Chris,

I am in the Boise area and have just started to get into wholesaling. I would love to work with you. Feel free to contact me and let me know what you are looking for.

This is a great thread. Awesome. I am glad to hear that there are wholesalers in the Boise area

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Hello everyone! I have been a lurker, reading EVERYTHING for a while and almost ready to finalize my first rental purchase. I am from the Boise area and I am looking for others to network and possibly wholesale with.

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Hey Everyone! I'm new to BP and just posted something about networking and finding contacts in Boise. I'm glad I found this thread. Although it looks like a lot of this conversation happened about a year ago, I'm wondering if you all are still keeping in contact. How is the wholesaling going? Would any of you like to connect and talk about the Boise/Idaho market? I live in Austin, TX now, but grew up in the Wood River Valley. I'm really interested in finding some good turn-key providers in the area, but also really excited about wholesales. @ChrisKane have you had any success with deals in Boise from SD?

@Max Paisley  Wholesaling has been great in the Boise market! Super low inventor and super high demand is driving the market higher. Deals are challenging to find, but sell super fast. I am sure you are finding the same to be true in Austin. 

I am unaware of any turn-key providers in our area, but @Jonna Weber may be able to point you in the right direction as she works with a lot of buy and hold investors.

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to Meridian, as I relocated from Las Vegas about a year ago. Just starting my journey into real estate investing and would love to connect with experienced investors, as well as wholesalers. 

Welcome to Idaho.

Look forward to meeting you.

Hey all, bumping this thread to see who is still active! Newbie investor looking to get into Boise/Nampa/Caldwell multi family. Any wholesalers I can connect with?

. Hi @Megan Faulkner - Welcome to Bigger Pockets! There are definitely some wholesalers you should connect with.  Most of the wholesaling activity that I see here trends toward single family, but you never know. Do you get down to Boise often? Next investor meet up is November 14th in the evening.  Hope to meet you soon!

I am always looking for mutually profitable deals -- Wholesalers, what ya got?

Welcome to the area @Megan Faulkner and @Kristopher Derentz . You'll find Boise/Meridian a great place to live and work. I moved here a couple years back and am growing a private lending business and have found RE community here to be very thoughtful and engaging.

Also interested in this thread and wholesalers. I live in Eagle and am looking to invest in sfh and mfh. When is the next local meeting?

@Ben Hom , if you are interested in the next meetup, touch base with @Jonna Weber , she has a casual quarterly meetup that she hosts.

There are far more wholesalers than I thought in the area. I am always looking for buy and hold rentals and flips. I am on some of your lists already like Cody Stone. I greatly appreciate the properties that come through those lists.
Add my name and email to your list.
Thank you Tommy Sessions

Hi All, reading this thread and think maybe this where I can start. I'm a new REALTOR here in Boise and new to the area, also new to investing.  I'm looking to find investor groups here. I'm looking into wholesaling, flips, remodel work and passive income rentals. I would appreciate any and all help. Thanks!  

Hi I am interested in wholesale as well and would like to meet up with others who are doing the same in the Boise area. If any of you are interested in meeting for a coffee and a chat I would appreciate it. 

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