Moving Back To Illinois

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Hello Fellow Illinois investors.

I have been living in South Korea for the last 5 years teaching English and saving for my Real Estate business. I have purchased a rental and made other investments in real estate.

I will be moving back to Illinois on May 5th, and will be looking for a full time job. I would prefer to work in Real Estate. Except I am not a Realtor (in the future I plan to be) or have much experience with construction. 

As it stands now, I will be based out of the Charleston and Mattoon areas.

I am looking for investors to network with (and work) in Champaign, Urbana, Savoy, Effingham. 

Hey John,

Welcome back to Illinois! I am in the Champaign/Urbana/Savoy area.
Where's your current rental? Has it been a good experience for you?

What type of Real Estate business have you been saving for?

Welcome back to Illinois John!

Always nice to hear fellow investors coming to the area. We have a meet-up every now and then in Champaign. Make sure to set up an alert for "Champaign IL" to get notified when the next one comes up.

Hope all goes well (or did go well) with your move!

Thanks @Anthony Hornbeck

 and @Jerry Dengmanivanh

Looking forward to moving back to Illinois and growing my business.

My current rental is down in Charleston. I went to EIU.

I am planning to grow a buy and hold business.

Let's make a plan and meetup sometime next month.

Hi @John Van Uytven

Good to hear you will be coming back to the area.  We are well overdue for a Central Illinois meetup and that might be a good way to jump start your networking when you get back on US soil.  We have usually done a Thursday night in Champaign starting around 6 pm.  How's Thursday, May 14th looking for you?

Scott Dixon

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