Central Louisiana BP Meetup

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I am excited to finally announce a meetup in central Louisiana.  The meetup is scheduled for 10/6 at 6pm.  I look forward to seeing you there...

The meetup will be at Ryan's on MacArthur in Alexandria.

I'm really glad there is an opportunity for a meetup in CENLA, unfortunately right now I'm scheduled to work that day. Please keep me in the loop with an update or some notes on topics discussed. Thanks!! @Shayla Fletcher

[email protected]

will do mark s. 

Glad to hear it. Need more action from Louisiana here. Hope to have a North LA meetup in Monroe soon.

@Justin Ouchley ... connect with @George Kelley He and his wife were coming to our Shreveport/Bossier meet ups for a few months but they live in West Monroe. I know they would be interested to get together with locals. 

@Shayla Fletcher I don't know if you've heard but the Ryan's on MacArthur has been closed down. I have a tenant that works there and he told me today. I went by and sure enough a note is on the door. I've altered my schedule to be available because I'm so excited to be a part. So check it out and let us know.  

Thank you so much @Mark S. Ryans Alexandria has closed its doors for good.  That should provide an incentive for everyone to join us in our quest for financial freedom.  Its amazing how little control you really have as an employee.  I look forward to seeing everyone at the Ryans in Pineville on 10/6 at 6pm....Sorry for the change in venue

I will be at work, so I won't be able to attend. Please let me know how it goes and what is learned.


@Nicholas Jasmine will do...please join our meetup group at meetup.com for notes an upcoming meetings.

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