SFH MN Market Questions!

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Hello everyone!

I've primarily spent the last month or so looking at MFH with the intention of House Hacking and have just briefly opened my search up to include SFH.

I was just wondering if anyone who has experience with SFH would be able to answer a few of my questions? If so I'd love to shoot you a message! In return I'd love to be able help out if help is ever needed, for example renovating a house (TLC) type of work or anything you could think of. Currently work as a nurse and have a good portion of my week off since I work 12 hour shifts.


@Jordan Moorhead more so I would ideally still like to find a MFH to house hack and to start my RE journey... but I just kind of want to get an idea from someone who's had multiple SFH (bonus if they've completed BRRRR method) in the area and just pick their brain. Just would like to get an over all feel for SFH investing for the foreseeable future and ask questions like I've been doing with MFH the past month.

Same here, I started investing (buy and hold) with SFH and later switched to MF. Still have few SFH left but working on 1031 them into MF. Post your questions here or send PM.