Who's going to the Northstar Real Estate Conference this weekend?

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Who's coming to the Northstar Real Estate Conference in Shoreview this weekend? I'm excited to see all of the local Minneapolis - Saint Paul real estate investors and all of the other investors and speakers from across the country!

I live a few miles from the conference so I can easily meet up for coffee before or beer after.  Please comment if you would like to connect.  Also, I think @Jordan Moorhead can get you a discount code if you have not bought a ticket yet.

Shoot- I won't be able to make it this weekend but would love to attend in the future. How often does this happen? 

I'm a new investor in the Twin Cities, trying to soak it all in and meet as many people as possible! 

It was a great conference.  Lots of great new connections and awesome speakers.  I'd would strongly recommend to anyone if they have another one next year.

@David Peters Since I couldn't attend, I was hoping to experience it vicariously!  What was your favorite part of the conference?  What session was the best?  It looked like a star studded conference with powerhouse speakers.

I went to the conference this weekend at it was awesome! The conference was very well put together with some amazing speakers and great panels.

You can tell Todd, Jordan and everyone involved put in a ton of work to make it a great conference. I'd highly recommend coming next year!

@David Barnett This was my 3rd conference that focused on commercial investing as opposed to small multifamily investing.   I found it had the best pace and speaker times.  The others had long periods without breaks and then short breaks.  I think the idea is to jam pack them but this one allowed for more networking and I liked that aspect.

As for the speakers, I thought they all brought content and value.  My personal favorite was Chris Sherman - Large commercial development from Sherman Associates.  Chris and his families company have a passion for solving problems that are pervasive in real estate.  I doubt he speaks often but I'd definitely recommend him.