Real Estate license in Mo

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Most towns of decent size have real estate salesperson license classes, often taught by Brokers or current/former salepersons.  The goal of that class is to get you to pass the MO Real Estate license test.  It will not teach you how to actually make money buying and selling houses.

When I got my MO license in 2000, the cost was about $400 for a 5 week class that met 2 evenings per week, or you could cram it all into 9 days during the day time and take the test on Day 10.  Pass rate was generally good: I think only 2 out of 30 in our class failed.  Look for a credible school/teacher.

Keep in mind a Broker will have to hold your license.  You can't set up shop on your own.  Then in about 2 years you can take the Broker's test and if passed you can head out on your own / manage rentals for others, etc.

@Shereese B. when my sister sold her house, her real estate agent actually recommended that website. I am also looking into it, they have pretty affordable and good deals if you get the best option. Pass guarantee

I just barely got mine here in MO about 5 months ago, and I highly recommend going to an in-person class! I started out online using Real Estate Express, and there was a LOT of information, 3/4 of which I didn't really end up needing for the test. It took me a lot of time to get through a small amount of the class online, so I changed gears and signed up for an in-person class. Best decision I made! If you are anywhere near the Springfield area, Lifetime Learning is great. I passed my test on the first try! Their pass rates are quite a bit better than the state average, from my understanding.