Rochester NY Sub Forum

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very interested...

I am interested as well!

I'll see what I can do! :) 


I second that! @Brandon Turner I am not seeing the "subscribe" boxes next to the sub-categories as shown in your video. Do you have to be  Pro to see those? 

waiting for @Joshua Dorkin approval and then we can 100X the Rochester sub forum.  

Come on Josh, set us up and we'll make it the most active sub forum you've got :D 


For the time being, we've got the Upstate New York forum --

It has ZERO posts so far.  If we can't get people to post in that forum, I'm not ready to have the team add one for Rochester.  Get that thing up and running and if we see that most of the topics are focused on your neck of the woods, we'll look at adding one for Rochester.

@Joshua Dorkin I posted above, but I am not seeing a way to subscribe to the subforums. The boxes are missing from my view. How can we subscribe? 

You can do that in any forum (ignore all the scratched out links):

@Joshua Dorkin .  If you search for Rochester, you'll see quite a few threads that could be moved into the Upstate forum (or directly to a Rochester forum).

I think part of the problem with participation in an Upstate thread is due to the ambiguity of the term and the disparate markets that could all be considered Upstate.

@Joshua Dorkin maybe if we keep the "upstate" active and fill it with Rochester NY threads we can get something for Rochester exclusively?  Not saying we need to kill upstate, but if no one is using the 4 NY sub forums and we're willing to, it would make sense to hijack one of them ;C)  

Headed to Upstate now!

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