Referrals in the Jacksonville / Camp Lejeune area

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Hey all, I'm beginning my out-of-state investing career and am looking to put a team together around the Jacksonville, NC area.  I'm specifically looking for property managers, wholesalers, realtors, contractors, and lenders.  I'm gravitating toward North Carolina because of its low property taxes and landlord-friendly tenant laws.  Jacksonville in particular looks interesting because of its proximity to Camp Lejeune, its below-average crime rate, and its population trajectory.  I also like the idea of providing high-quality, affordable housing to the families of our troops.

I have family in Southport, so I know that flood zones are an issue along the coast.  And since this will be my first investment, I realize the importance of having a solid local team in place (especially my property manager).  Any referrals you have would be appreciated.  Thank you.

@Richie Thomas hello I'm just getting starting into investing. Haven't brought anything as of yet. I live in Durham NC and Jackson is about 2 hours form me. I will love to connect with you if possible. I really wanted to learn this business. Also I too will love to keep my rentals low for military. I have 2 kids in the army. I hope one day we can talk to each other.

@Richie Thomas I know this post was 5 months ago, but I'm wondering if you were able to get the ball rolling in Jacksonville. I lived there while i was stationed in Camp Lejeune and I'm currently seeking to build a team in that area as well. Id like to connect and share feedback in this market. 

@Emily Howlett @Dennis Dailey Id love to connect with you guys. Can i reach out?