Cleveland (Northeastern Ohio) Meetup?

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Please let me know if there is any interest in a very informal gathering to build your network and discuss all things REI.

Looking at dates towards the end of March with a Cleveland location TBD.



I would be interested. Thanks for starting the ball rolling.


I would be interested in some real-life networking @Ron Szmik  

I Love the alert feature on BP!!! I would have missed this thread!

I have a meet up group in the area called C.O.R.E. (Cleveland Ohio Real Estate)

it is not a REIA group, it is just open networking and doing deals. No education or courses, just a bunch of us doing deals.

This thread actually just prompted me to set up a meeting, so here is the link!

It will be at 7pm on March 19th. We move the location around from meeting to meeting, this one will be at Passion Juice Bar in Brunswick.

Hope to see ya there!

I am in as well

Working on place and time, be back with updates soon.

Just a reminder we are a go Tuesday March 24th 7:00pm at the Brew Garden in Middleburg Hts.  I have posted an official announcement in the Network - Events & Happenings tab.  Hope to see everyone.


Ron Szmik

Attention all Cleveland, OH area investors and anyone else who is interested in real estate investing.

We are going to reboot our Cleveland BP meet-up group on Thursday August 27th at 6pm.

We have had a couple of informal, but very enjoyable meet-ups in the past, and we would like to get back into a monthly or bi-monthly routine of meeting up to talk real estate.

There is no official format, and there will be no sales pitches at this event. Just come out, meet some like-minded people, and let's talk about REI.

We will be meeting at the same location as the previous meet-ups:

The Brew Garden in Middleburg Hts. at 18950 Bagley Rd. 

Please feel free to invite whoever else you think might be interested too.

Thank you,


Please reply to this post if you plan on coming out, so that we have an idea of how many people to expect. Thanks

Cleveland Akron OH Ohio

I will plan on being there.

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Aaron - 

Thanks for jump starting the Cleveland Meet-up, will be there.


Ronald Szmik

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Unfortunately I will not be able to make this one, as I have an appointment at 7 in Akron. I have enjoyed the previous meet ups and believe that you all will benefit from attending. 

I'm going to try to make it, no guarantees but I would really like to come! 

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