Not Your Average Call in the Middle of the Night

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How's this for a real estate investor/landlord story. I currently own a duplex with units that are side by side with driveways that slope down into the first level garage/basement. The duplex is at the end of a"T" intersection. A few weeks ago, I get a call from one of my tenants that a car has RAN INTO THE DUPLEX. Now, I've heard some pretty funny "tenant diagnoses" of maintenance issues with the property over the years, but I was pretty sure that my tenant couldn't have been misdiagnosing this one.

Apparently, someone decided to have 1 to 75 too many drinks and drove a Buick Enclave right through the garage door, through the garage, through the garage wall and into the basement. I don't know how they managed to go directly into the garage of just one of the units and not hit the other car in the driveway. It also appears from the picture that they didn't miss the fusebox by much. Even luckier, the tenants who live in this unit were on a spur of the moment vacation and didn't have their car in the driveway. There were no injuries (including the driver, amazingly?) which is the best news of all. Well, unless you count the huge headache that this has caused...

Thats crazy. I am in north linden (columbus also) and have had one rental hit by a car and my neighbor had her yard ruined by a kid crashing a stolen ambulance into her yard. Her yard also at the end of a T, but my hit rental is at the top of a little hill so thankfully a lot of the velocity was lost when going up the hill. Idiots aplenty around here.

Sorry to hear that! My buddy had a pipe burst while he was skiing this winter. It ruined his newly renovated kitchen. The insurance covered it and paid him for the money he would have made renting out the unit. You should see what the going rate is to rent out a garage in your area and claim a loss in income for the time it is under renovation.

To @Remington Lyman 's point, NEVER pass up "loss of rent" coverage in an insurance policy for an investment property! I'm so lucky I didn't strip it when trying to lessen my annual insurance premium. Now my insurance provider will pay me the rent I'm owed if my tenants have to vacate the property during the repairs. This appears to be a very lucky, unlucky accident.