Williamsport Area RE Agent Needed

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Looking for a real estate agent familiar with the Williamsport area to provide a comps based ARV estimate and suggestions about layout on a newly acquired property. We don't normally work in this area and are assembling a team.

Currently the home is a 3 bed/ 1 bath with a poorly placed basement entrance in the front of the house. We could use some feedback with respect to what is in greater demand locally... For example should we add a 1/2 bath? Should we merge the two small bedrooms so that there are two equal sized bedrooms?

Bonus if you can come by to look around between June 3-5.

Hey @Mark S. I don't see Williamsport come up in the forums that often. I can refer you to a commercial agent if you work on any bigger projects. Do you only have the one house in Williamsport? Are you looking at any other projects in the area?  If you are, lets  connect! 

i'm at the brickyard in Williamsport right now.  Great town!  Hit me up if you want to talk local RE stratedgies.  It is a different market with nuiances but still awesome IMO.

I moved to Williamsport about a year ago and am very interested in getting started in real estate. I'm looking for a partner / mentor to help me get starte. Been a bit hesitant because I'm new to the area, real estate and it seems every other house is for sale.

@Mark S.

I'll ask my contacts to see if they have any recommendations. I visit Williamsport once in a while as a lawyer since the Court of Common Pleas for Lycoming County is there. But I personally never invested or looked at the market in Williamsport so I'll need to rely on my realtor/investor contacts. I do know @Marc Nespoli is a BP member and is a realtor in the Bloomsburg area. I do not know if he works in the Williamsport area. 

With the above in mind, I would say start with the recommendation from @Patrick Liska . He is a very knowledgeable, active poster on BP. From the little that I know, it's fairly common for realtors in that area to cover multiple areas (e.g. one realtor covering Williamsport, Lock Haven, Sunbury, etc.). 

@Dutch Shuler

Not sure how many posters on BP actively invest in the Williamsport area. But we do have a lot of PA investors and many invest in the Northeastern Pennsylvania Area. I would start by reaching out to the folks! 

I grew up in Williamsport and do some investing here. Very slow market for the most part & you can't push rates much. You can get a stable tenant but ROI isn't as good as Rochester.

@Chris K. thank you !, 

Mark, The person i mentioned works with people in Lock haven, Jersey Shore and Williamsport. Fish Realty's main office is in Williamsport, they are Realtors and Property Management, they manage over 750 properties, I got in with them ( lock haven office, used to be Brigandi realtors) when they just started Property Management. I should have bought into their Management co, than rather than paying them to manage mine - Haha. as @Mark Updegraff mentioned, it's not an area to invest if you are looking for Appreciation, but the area is great for buy and hold, fix and flip.

Wow, thank you everyone for the responses. 

We didn't plan on taking possession, but ended up foreclosing and now have to "do something" with the property. Though I have to do more research on the area, what I've read so far seems to confirm what you were saying @Mark Updegraff about appreciation. I still want to learn more about trends, buying habits, supply/demand, etc. but my guess at this point in time is that this will likely become a rental property.

Thank you @Chris K. for the feedback and particularly the recommendation of @Patrick Liska . Until now he and I have not crossed paths. I think I will reach out to Rachel Smith and I appreciate the referral Patrick. I wasn't thinking about property management just yet, but once the rehab gets done there's a good chance I will then be looking for a PM. So it could be a good fit on two accounts.  

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