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Hello Rhode Island Invstors,

Need you help.  My son is in the U.S.C.G. and has been reassigned to Newport, R.I.  This is a last minute transfer and  until he gets acclimated  to the area he is looking for a room to rent.   He is driving this weekend to look around.  Since I am not familiar with the area (as of yet) perhaps someone here may know someone looking to rent out a room.   Thank you.

@Michelle Romano while I do not have a room ready right now, I do have a 1 bedroom apartment coming on the market in the coming days in downtown Newport. Perhaps ready for 11/15 move in. If your son would be interested in this please reach out! In regards to a room for the weekend, have you or he reached out to the U.S.C.G. for help? I'm sure this happens often so maybe they'd have some input. Feel free to PM me as well, I have a buddy in the Coast Guard stationed here and can reach out if you'd like.

Alexander - thank you for reaching out  He has s 7rs in CG. So this is not new to him.  There is no base but he will be on a ship once in a while.  There is no living quarters on this base so you are on your own to find a place.  They are sending him to Fllorida next week to bring the new cutter up from Florida to Newport.  I will let him know and appreciate you. Getting back to me.  

Thank you.

There are a few larger apartment communities in the Newport/Middletown area within a couple minutes of the base. I used to manage two of the communities a few years back. There is a large military presence in the area. PM me and I can give you some more details.

Josh - thank you so much for reaching out.  He is up there this weekend looking around the area and has 2 scheduled appts.  Since he is short on time he is going this route for a few months until he has sufficient time to look around. I will let you know if he needs help.

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