Fort Worth Tax Foreclosure List

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The city of Fort Worth actually provides a sealed bidding process to their tax foreclosed properties.  This is NOT the court house steps auction process.  These are properties, both commercial and residential, that were foreclosed upon because the owner did not pay their property taxes.  This process makes all liens fall off.  It also has a clause where the owner could come back to purchase the property back from the new owner within a certain period of time.  With all things, do your research but if you haven't heard about these properties it worth checking them out.

@Andrew Postell Thanks! Because of the redemption period, I haven't looked too much into Tax Lien properties. The whole county steps fiasco also contributes to me staying away from them. Seems like Fort Worth has made it a little easier.

@Ryan Blake yes, Fort Worth is one of the easier counties to work with on it.  And don't forget that the redemption period would require the buyer to pay you for all upgrades +10%.  Upgrades would have to be in line with the neighborhood (so gold plated fixtures would not be paid for) but it's super rare for this to occur.

These are known as stuck off properties that did not sell at the tax sale on the courthouse steps. Usually just about anything with potential will be bought at the 1st sale.