New Land Development Code is again being discussed... much needed

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Originally posted by @Aaron Gordy :

Austin hasn't revamped the land development code in 20 years...  This should be interesting! This idea comes up all the time but its shot down due to leaders not having the political courage, imo.  It needs to change.

WE are working on a patent pending software app to Identify hidden lots of record. and reading this quickly It looks like the city is exempting older lots of record.. this software is going to make some Austin builders and investors some major money.. 


Originally posted by @Aaron Gordy :

@Jay Hinrichs Keep me posted, Jay. Sounds interesting to me!! Thanks!

some very savvy builder developers know how this works.. but the masses don't and there is huge money when U find these.

sure beats sending out 10k letters to find a couple beat up rentals LOL.. our average deal is more than 100k profit.