Investing in Snohomish County

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I am an investor living in Everett and would love to invest in Snohomish County with a focus on areas between Snohomish and Arlington. I would love everything from insights pertaining to the Snohomish County RE market to networking groups. I look forward to meeting and talking!

Hey @Neal Royal

I've been investing in Snohomish County for ten years and it's been great! I own 12 units in Snohomish County and 4 in Skagit and am building two duplexes in Everett.

Arlington is one of my favorite areas, rents tend to be as high if not higher than Everett but prices are lower so there are better deals to be found. 

I host a monthly meet up in Woodinville about investing locally and out of state if you're interested.

Welcome to Bigger Pockets! Lots of learn from people here on the website and in real life! I think there is a meet up in Maryville too, and I'm up in Skagit. Besides the area, what are your real estate goals?

@Jennifer Beadles I'd love to check out your monthly meet up. Do you guys have a Facebook page or website with event details? 

@Julie Marquez Thanks for asking! My long-term goal is to create long-term wealth that provides financial stability and freedom. I hope to travel internationally on a regular basis, and I believe that real estate is one of the ways that I can achieve that. Overall, I'm always looking for ways to plan ahead, and I would rather get into real estate now instead of later in life. 

@Jennifer Beadles I’d love to join your Meetup in Woodinville. Is the October one soon?


If all of this is new to you, it’s great to have you on BP. Listen to this podcast too, great resource.

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@Neal Royal There is a meetup in Marysville, WA at the Bob's burgers and brew @ 7:00pm. 4th Monday of every month, next one is November 27th.

It's hosted by the Cascadia Investors Alliance, you can look up their events on

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Hi, I’m new to BiggerPockets. I’ve been listening to the podcast and I’m really interested in investing in Multi-family properties. I haven’t done any REI before, but I’m about to sell my home this summer (purchased in 2012) and should have a large chunk of cash to invest with. It’s hard to find a good Four-plex for sale that’s a good enough deal to be worth it. I’m curious if anyone knows the rough cost estimate of building a new construction Four-plex in Snohomish County? Or if I contact some contractors what is a good deal/bad deal? Or is it even worth it? Any info helps. Thanks.

@Julian Sibley is the Marysville meetup still happening?

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