Huntsville Zip Codes

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Can anyone help get me started on the Huntsville Market. I have one rental in Birmingham but wanted to expand my search to Huntsville. Looking for B class properties, SFR or Multi. Can anyone suggest some zip codes or areas to start searching? Or some areas to definitely avoid? Thanks for your help in advance!

Hi @Daniel Highsmith

one of my favorite websites is the Zipcode lookup. It provides data/stereotypes for different neighborhoods. It helps give you a feel for the neighborhood, as in the type of resident.

Example: 35801

Approaching retirement, we're empty-nester, married couples, or have no kids. Our lifestyle is cultured and urbane; we support the arts and public radio/TV. We go online for everything.
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Emerald City

Young, mobile, well-educated, and well-employed, we are more likely to rent in low-density, urban neighborhoods throughout the country. We go online for professional networking, online dating, and blogging. We buy natural, organic, or environmentally-friendly products.
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Set to Impress

We are young, either still in college or working, and renting apartments in large multiunit buildings in the city or the suburbs. We still keep in close touch with family. We are very image conscious and often buy clothes impulsively to look good. We are really into music.
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