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Hi, again! 

Looking for some advice in terms of "Driving for Dollars" etiquette. @Raymond Northcutt and I have a big list of properties in our area that we want to reach out to and see if the owner may be motivated to sell. 

Does anyone have a reliable "template"? I have a general idea of what to say, but wanted to see if anyone has any templates that have worked for them, or any advice. Want to make appealing pitch without coming off sounding like "hey, your house looks terrible, want to get rid of it?" 

Thanks, as always! 



@Kendall Vrana


When I mail "D4$" properties I just send what I call a "generic" yellow letter, basically telling the owner:

"Hi, I'm a local real estate investor looking for properties in your area, if you've ever considered selling we should talk right away...I buy in "as is" condition so you don't have to make any repairs...call me if you're interested in turning your property into cash."

I don't mention the fact that "I drove by and noticed the place looks pretty rundown so I figure you might be a really motivated seller!"  I've found that if they are really motivated my generic yellow letter will usually get them to call.  It might take several mailings though, so my advice is to be consistent and keep mailing regularly.  

@Kendall Vrana Used to love driving for dollars. If you're really good at building quick rapport and talking to people, just knock on their door. You'd be surprised at how open some people are and willing to just chat and might turn into something. I guarantee you that 98% of your competition is not doing this. 

@Kendall Vrana

Sending you some templates. Also have a gameplan, checklist of things to do before you campaign, and scripts for processing leads if you want.

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