How are you using Technology on-site: Flip or Development Site?

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Hello guys,

My partner and I are thinking of creating ways that we can communicate with our subs and workers without having to be on site every day. Tracking actual work done, giving direction and answering questions. We are thinking of some sort of video communicating, but wanted to see what others are doing that may be working so that we do not have to 'reinvent the wheel' per say. 

Would love your feedback on how you are using technology to work smarter and not harder?



Morning Shawn - 

Have you heard of Slack?

It does everything you are looking for, but I think the hurdle is getting everyone not directly on your team on it. We are now using it at FX, but, getting people to implement it is a bit of struggle. 

In terms of project management it has everything you are looking for.. you just need your sub's willing to work a new way.

Good Luck!

Thanks @John Drinkwater ! Yes. Actually have used it...and like you said...I have the same fear that subs may not want to adapt...maybe I try it along with a large monitor for chat...we'll see. 

Thanks again!


sub takes video of work completed that day

Sends video via email and text

We reply if we want to

My partner (contractor) and I use “receipts by wave” for tracking & categorizing all expenses, google sheets to track schedules and notes and FaceTime to communicate.

Subs we just use text / email / FaceTime. Getting them to use a new piece of software like slack would never happen.

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